Health Services

Get Free Health Services

Each LPK key population service center has doctor, counselors, peer navigators and case managers on-site to provide a range of health services. All services and products are free-of-charge and available to everyone that visits a LPK center.

It is envisaged that the clinic will provide integrated healthcare, including general check-ups, psychosocial support and counselling, hormone monitoring and full cascade of HIV intervention services which will be started providing in first three months. The package of services include but not limited to:

  1. Behavioral change communication with targeted information delivered through peers, online services and counsellors
  2. Condom and lubricant distribution
  3. Prevention, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI)
  4. Advise on hormone guideline and monitoring for TG women
  5. Pre-exposure prophylaxis at selected project site (currently Yangon region only)
  6. HIV testing and counseling
    a.Testing through social network
    b.Index / Partner Testing​
  7. Screening, prophylaxis (TPT – TB prophylaxis therapy) and treatment of TB and referral for multidrug resistant TB as required
  8. Screening for viral hepatitis B and C and treatment of opportunistic infections for HIV positive clients,
  9. Provision of antiretroviral drugs for positive clients and/or linkage to care including multi-month dispensing (MMD)
  10. Monitoring of clients on antiretroviral therapy for adherence and to ensure viral suppression