Lan Pya Kyel Association

Lan Pya Kyel

LPK was one of the business units of PSI family. PSI’s global network consists of over 50 national health organizations. PSI believes that development is best when it is nationally driven and drawn from global best practices to meet the needs of the beneficiaries. 

PSI has managed TOP Business Unit since its inception and over the past several years has focused on building their capacity in finance, procurement, administration and human resources. As part of a long-term plan for localisation, in 2019, PSI successfully supported the registration of Lan Pya Kyal (LPK) a local Myanmar NGO, with the intention of having LPK take over the activities, assets, staff and other obligations of the TOP program as a fully independent local entity. In January 2020, PSI appointed National Director for TOP with the mandate to begin this transition and take on the role as Executive Director of the new entity, reporting to a local board and LPK started local entity separately from 1st March 2021. 


LPK Board

This Board Charter is subject to the provisions of the LPK Constitution, the Deconsolidation Agreement (DA) and any other applicable law or regulatory provision, and is in accordance with the Association (s) Registration Law (No. 31/2014) of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
Memberships of the Board include of 


  • President of the board – role and responsibilities as board are 
    • Leading role of LPK board of directors
    • Representing the Organization when dealing with funders by ensuring the Organization has adequate resources to conduct the activities outlined at the annual strategic plan
    • Prepare the agenda for board meeting and assigning major committees for LPK’s activities
  • Vice-president of the board – role and responsibilities as board are 
    • Learning the duties of President, and acting as president when absent, or when called to the chair by President
    • Assuming duties as assigned by the Organization and usually chairing at least one major committee 
  • Treasurer – role and responsibilities as board are 
    • Keeping the Organization funds in a safe place, preferably a bank, as directed by the Organization
    • Submitting an annual report showing receipts, payments and balance on hand
    • Overseeing the development of the Organization’s budget and its presentation to the board for consideration and approval
  • Auditor - role and responsibilities as board are 
    • Preparation of the audit report
    • Comply with auditing standards of issued by the central government and the National Financial Reporting Authority and donors of LPK 
    • Report fraud: If the auditor grows suspicions of fraud taking place within the Organization, he or she must report the same to the BOD and respective donor/s
  • Secretary - role and responsibilities as board are
    • Taking charge and ensuring the safety of the minute book, correspondence and other records belonging to the Organization
    • Collecting written reports from the committee chairpersons and distributing them as required
    • Recording motions and decisions of the meeting. Committee reports should also be filed with the minutes
  • Board members as community representatives (one for each key population – MSM, Transgender woman and female sex workers) 
    • Community feedback mechanisms from key population members
    • Defining the vision of interventions and strategy of LPK program for the community 
    • Developing the standards of the care providers to achieve the vision at institutional and individual/staffing levels